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Lockdown Drama – Man beaten by wife: Video

Couple fight

Lockdown Drama – Man beaten by wife: Video. The lockdown is starting to taking a stroll on couples in the houses. The president recently increased the lockdown days to a further 2 weeks and we think that will have a negative impact on couples who are already on each other’s troats already.

Remember in South Africa in the early days of the lockdown a young couple was involved in a terrible domestic fight that ended up killing one of them. In this unfortunate accident, the man ended up dead after he was stabbed by her wife over a fight which is believed to have started after the wife got hold of her husband’s cellphone.

Now back home, o internet especially social media there is a video making rounds of a couple who are fighting again. And as the first fight, we did an article on, the mean is being whipped again. The video is so sad as its not good for couples to engage in such terrible actions. Check the video below

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Prophet T Freddy’s church demolished

Prophet T Freddy’s church demolished. Prophet Tapiwa Freddy is a Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet and gospel musician based in Harare. He is the founder and leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) which he established in 2005.

Prophet T Freddy’s (Goodness and Mercy Ministries) church in Glen View was destroyed by Harare City Council today as part of their “clean up” campaign that is…continue reading.