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Mayor Gomba speaks on Prophet T Freddy’s church demolition: Video

Prophet t Freddy

Mayor Gomba speaks on Prophet T Freddy’s church demolition: Video. Yesterday the Prophet cried as he had seen his church destroyed to the ground by the current Murambatsvina taking place in Harare. The Goodness and Mercy founder and leader was devastated with the developments and couldn’t hold his tears back. He narrated his ordeal to Zimeye in an Interview.

The places of worshipping were among structures believed to have been illegally erected and not contributing revenue to the city fathers. In an interview, Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy expressed displeasure by the council’s move in ending their relationship without notice.

“We are a law-abiding church and we have been and will always comply with local authorities,” said Prophet Freddy. Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet Tapiwa Freddy has gone live speaking on the demolition of his church by the council yesterday.

Freddy says he has been working with council adding that they did not tell him about the plans to demolish his church structure. “If local authorities had informed us about the move we could have removed our structures instead of taking us by surprise. “It is the strict and unmanageable requirements needed by local authorities to acquire a church stand that forces us to build on illegal places.

“On behalf of other churches built on undesignated places, may local authorities relax application to acquire church stands so as to avoid such mishap we faced today.

“We feel that mainline churches are considered ahead of indigenous churches and beseech them to take our plight on issues of acquiring church stands into consideration. “Vendors with bigger families that have been also caught up in this clean-up have been heavily affected as well and it is my prayer for City fathers to consider them.

“We will continue to comply with measures set by Government in curbing COVID-19,” said Prophet Freddy. Goodness and Mercy Ministries had erased an old structure to erect a new one beginning of the national lockdown and worshippers were still to receive spiritual spectacles under a new roof.

But Mayor Gomba has since addressed the issue, he said…

Herbert Gomba

‘What happened is that government through the cabinet directed that illegal structures be removed. That was communicated through the laws of the country. What has happened in terms of the particular case that you have raised is that years back, we as council planned for a church stand be allocated to Prophet Freddy, we actually went around to do our work as is expected in terms of the law, the Regional Town and Country Planning Act and we offered a church stand to prophet Freddy.’

Unfortunately, he has been refusing to go there saying that he would want to be able to use the current place he is occupying, which is not suitable for church purposes,’ added Mayor Gomba

‘What you need to understand is that there is land suitable for church purposes and land not suitable, so when the prophet approached council he actually went to the district officer and he had an arrangement with the district officer, which arrangement is deemed illegal in terms of the law, but in between, because he has been staying there for years, the local councillor made an arrangement to help him secure a piece of land that is suitable for church purposes, that was drawn up and offered to him but his argument for years is that I cannot move because my congregants cannot then track me to where I will be.

Writing on his live Facebook, Freddy said

“Ndirikurwadziwa . Ndigagone kuzvishingisa vakomana Ndirikurwadziwa veduwe ndirikurwadziwa.Harare City Council ndimi makatipa nzvimbo kana manga musisade maingotiudza tobva pane kutipwanyira CHURCH YAMWARI. IT IS WELL,” said Freddy.

Watch the video below

Source – MbareTimes/Zimeye

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