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Bulawayo tycoon feeds destitute Zimbos in SA: Video


Bulawayo tycoon feeds destitute Zimbos in SA: Video. Commodity broker and serial entrepreneur Kelvin Mazhandu has stepped in to assist destitute Zimbabweans who are struggling to make a living in neighbouring South Africa during the trying times of the deadly Coronavirus.

In an interview with this publication, Mazhandu said he felt moved to assist the disadvantaged Zimbabweans because they were not being catered for in the relief budget offered to South Africans. “When the Coronavirus struck South Africa, most of my fellow brothers and sisters who are making a living through menial jobs were left stranded as the government imposed stringent lockdown regulations that prohibit freedom of movement,” Mazhandu said.

“As a Christian and businessperson, I felt moved in my heart to give the little I have to my countrymen so that they do not starve.”

Kelvin Mazhundi

This publication is in possession of video footage that shows Mazhandu, who runs also runs a successful recycling company, distributing food hampers to the underprivileged Zimbabweans in Johannesburg. Mazhandu further urged all Zimbabweans in foreign nations to unite as a community and assist the less fortunate amongst them.

“In my capacity as the President of Zimbabwe Christian Leaders in South Africa, I want to encourage my Zimbabwean brothers and sisters scattered all over the world to find each other and help those who are underprivileged.

Let us remember, the Bible says in Leviticus 25:35: Now if your countryman becomes destitute and cannot support himself among you, then you are to help him as you would a foreigner or stranger so that he can continue to live among you.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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James Makamba gets shopping mall. Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement Perrance Shiri yesterday confirmed that the shopping centre on the farm, the Blue Ridge Spar or Sweet Valley supermarket and two adjacent shops had been returned to Dr Makamba.

James Makamba

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