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Truck driver bashes wife after she caught him cheating with a married woman

Tinashe Chari and Chipo

Truck driver bashes wife after she caught him cheating with a married woman. Domestic violence started after the 39-year-old Trisha Tsuro’s wife Brenda Tsuro, 37, discovered that her husband was spending money with a married woman Chipo Daliso. Brenda’s confrontation over the messages is reported to have angered Tsuro who retaliated by physically assaulting Brenda forcing her to engage Ruwa police officers.

A truck driver who made headlines two years ago for cheating with several cross borders was involved in domestic violence after his love messages with a married woman were discovered on Thursday. “My husband has broken my heart, he is spending family money by giving it to a married woman and is assaulting me over confronting him about it” said Brenda. “I discovered their illicit affair in his mobile phone and I exposed it by saving Chipo’s photograph on my profile picture and that is how the problem started.

“He slapped me and I questioned him for dating a married woman and threatened to expose him to the husband. “Chirikundirwadza ndechekuti arikupedza mari yevana vechikoro achiidya nemukadzi wemunhu isu achitisiya tiinenzara. “From their WhatsApp conversations, Chipo made several trips accompanying my husband to Malawi and this angered me and I called her.

“She apologised over her actions and pleaded with me not to expose her to her husband but am not happy at all for a married woman to ruin my marriage,” said Brenda. Chipo confirmed bedding Tsuro saying she has since separated with her husband Tinashe Chari he described as father of her child.

“Yangu imba yakatoparara kare uye ndakumbira ruregerero kuna mai Tsuro pavakandifonera Wednesday last week,” said Chipo. “Her husband is a whore and I also discovered that he was bedding several women that includes Angela and Sharon but I do not know why Mai Tsuro is only after me leaving the other lovers.


“Mai Tsuro must stop confronting her husband’s lovers but concentrate in doing good because the way she confronted me was not good at all vaudzei izvozvo kuti murume haasiwavo vega ipfambi chaiyo,” said Chipo pleading with the writer not to publish the story.

Chari confirmed separating with Chipo describing her as canny and unfaithful that he nearly tasted prison cells over their differences. “I do not want to say much about Chipo since we have separated but what I can say is she is naughty, canny and unfaithful that she nearly ruined my life because of her connections,” said Chari. Tsuro refused to entertain H-Metro by hanging his mobile phone and ignoring messages seeking his side of the story till the time of going to print.

Source – H-Metro

Pictures of Melo who has a WhatsApp chat that has gone viral, declining to be married by Bond notes

Pictures of the Melo who has a WhatsApp chat that has gone viral, declining to be married by Bond notes. Well social media was set ablaze last night when a WhatsApp chat of a girl who goes by the name of Melo having a conversation with her husband to be who is called Prosper was leaked on Social media. In the conversation, the two were discussing about the way Prosper was going to marry Melo.

Melo WhatsApp

The conversation turned sour when Prosper said he wanted to marry Melo using Rands and Bonds, this did not go well with Melo who said she is not worth to be married by Bonds she is of a high class and only Forex money was appropriate to marry her. Check the WhatsApp chat below…continue reading.