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Accept Khupe’s Leadership Or Risk Recall Gutu Warns MDC Alliance MPs



Thokozani Khupe

FORMER MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, has advised MDC Alliance MPs to accept as Thokozani Khupe as their leader and follow her orders or they risk being recalled and losing parliamentary seats.

Last week, the Supreme Court made a ruling that MDC president Nelson Chamisa was not the legitimate leader of the popular MDC who ascended to the top post following the death of founding party leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018.

After Chamisa grabbed power in 2018, Khupe who was one of the three vice presidents in MDC, Gutu and other disgruntled members left the party in a huff and formed their own splinter formation retaining the name MDC-T while Chamisa changed to MDC Alliance, a few months ahead of the July elections.

Gutu was later appointed vice president to Thokozani Khupe, but left the party early this year citing personal reasons.

However, both the High Court and the Supreme Court have ruled that Chamisa’s to claim the top post in the MDC was not legitimate, the party should revert to the use of its 2014 structures and Khupe should organise an extraordinary congress to be held with 90 days.

Unpacking the judgment in an interview with NewZim TV Monday, Gutu said Khupe now wielded power in both the MDC formations and could recall the MPs and councillors voted into office on the MDC Alliance ticket if they did not comply with her orders.

“After the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC now will have a substantive leader after the extraordinary congress,” Gutu said.

“Any deployee of Parliament or council, who conducts themselves in such a way that they are disobeying party policy or refuse to recognize the leader, believe you me, the new leader, now the acting president who happens to be Thokozani Khupe can easily invoke section 129 (k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and recall all renegade members of parliament who were elected under the MDC Alliance ticket. She can actually do it now,” Gutu said.

The MDC Alliance has 87 seats in Parliament. The party is also in control of all local councils in towns and cities. Khupe’s MDC has two MPs.

However, senior officials and supporters of Chamisa dismissed last week’s court ruling as baseless claiming Khupe had since formed her own political party and cannot claim to be part of the MDC Alliance.

“I have heard people on social media giving so-called solidarity messages rubbishing the Supreme Court judgment that to me is a serious act of misconduct which is strong enough to have those people recalled,” the former deputy minister of justice in the now defunct inclusive government said.

Meanwhile, Gutu said he would make sure that Chamisa repaid millions of dollars that was unlawfully paid to his political formation by the Treasury under the Political Parties Finance Act in the run to the 2018 elections.

“You cannot compare our 2018 election campaign in the (MDC-T) to MDC Alliance which had a huge chunk of money that they were unlawfully and illegitimately getting through the Political Parties Finance Act. By the way we want that money back.”

Gutu was also evasive on his plan of action following the Supreme Court judgment.

Source – NewZimbabwe

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