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Baba Charamba: Compliance is the way forward

Baba Charamba: Compliance is the way forward. Celebrities among other influential people have been playing their part in raising awareness against COVID-19 by posting informative videos online. Tomorrow, Zimbabweans celebrate the country’s 40th birthday indoors due to the coronavirus.

Some people have been complying and others have been caged for violating the COVID-19 regulations set by the authorities. Zim gospel first family’s leader Pastor Charles Charamba (PC) spoke to H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TK) on how he has been managing during the lockdown.

He gave his followers hope as we are celebrating this year’s independence indoors due to the pandemic. Pastor Charamba also assured his followers that nothing beats compliance if we are to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on…

TK: How are you observing the 21-day national lockdown period recently pronounced by President Mnangagwa to curb the spread of national lockdown?

PC: We are home with our family.

I am making up for the time that I usually fail to answer some questions that members of my family could have asked in the past and failed to get a clear answer due to time constraints.

Musically, we do a thing or two as a family. We are guiding each other on school homework that was issued to the children schools closed. We are finding time to do prayers together after which we do a bible study.

TK: As a man of God, musician and counsellor what role can people of your stature play in creating awareness against Covid-19?

PC: We have the responsibility of emphasising on the importance of the measures that continue to be pronounced by government and health experts.

We also have to lead by example, a thing which requires us to be the leading figures in adherence.

It’s not only about speaking about it but doing as expected as well.

TK: What are you doing in your person capacity to create awareness against Covid-19?

As I preach online, I make sure that the education aspect about the outbreak is spoken about.

I take time to remind my listeners and viewers about the importance of observing the parameters drawn to curb the spreading of the virus.

We do so with the same energy that we put in traffic safety awareness, crime prevention awareness.

The relief, in the case of Covid-19 is that the awareness is not made by just a few people, rather it’s a global call by so many voices resonating and we find ourselves among such.

TK: What is your message of hope to Zimbabweans who are in panic mode considering our health delivery system with numerous challenges?

PC: To my fellow citizens, my message is twofold; we are closer to end-time.

I don’t know the day nor hour but the coming of our Lord Jesus is at end. These happenings, whether man-made or natural are pointing towards an end of a dispensational era.

Let’s therefor put our lives in order by repenting as individuals, families, and nation.

Secondly, let’s just do the right thing; that of adhering to instructions.

Africans in most cases abuse themselves by being superstitious when the prevailing situation doesn’t relate to superstition at all.

I remember that many sections of the society treated the initial cases of HIV as runyoka or rukahwo when it was actually a real pandemic.

Had society promptly viewed the health issue with a unified, common view, we could have saved lives then in those years. I am grateful now that we all agree on certain realities that pertain to our health and well-being.

I am therefore appealing to the general public to look at this Covid-19 as real, not dismissing it as something else.

Of course, from a biblical point of view I know that ALL diseases are somehow powered by the evil world, – demons and the devil.

While we pray, let’s give some attention to science as well. Medicinal remedies are not unbiblical. They are also a revelation from God.

Let’s pray and research on the medicines than spending energy on weighing the conspiracy theories that are doing rounds. Masses are dying so we have to the right thing instead of dying amidst debates.

TK: What’s your piece of advice to those who are in denial and taking the lockdown as punishment?

PC: Failure to comply does not only invite punishment from the law, we prolong processes that should have take shorter periods to deal with.

Compliance makes statistics more accurate and helps our health experts to make informed decisions.

We can help them to detect the impact of the outbreak in a more organized rather than a confused atmosphere. We have to avoid learning the hard way.

TK: How are you conducting your services in the wake of the Covid-19 and how effective is the new methods?

PC: We are utilising online platforms.

The method is helpful as it combines us with some global audiences.

Our pay-off line for now is: Dispersed but Gathered on the Cross meaning that we are not much hindered in our sharing of the word of God.

Indeed we have been reaching out effectively but the technology has its own challenges considering the unavailability of decoding technological facilities by some members.

Due to economic straits, some members can hardly afford to purchase data good enough to access the internet sessions.

TK: What are some of your projects which were affected and how are you going to catch up?

PC: We were billed to feature at a musical event in South Africa, end of March.

Back home, we had the Easter conference which was supposed to be spiced up by musical events as well.

We put all those aside. However Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord….”

TK: On behalf of other artistes, what kind of help do you expect from government and arts regulatory bodies/chiefs during these trying times?

PC: To our esteemed government, this serves as a reminder to assist the creative sector more soundly.

In many other countries, artists stand up in times like these to support government of their countries with relief.

As musicians our hearts are so gripped with compassion and we have the edge to assist but, like most artists, our works have long been plunged into free-for-all marketing fields such that we hold very little financial power with which to assist.

Our patriotism is rendered powerless and comes to naught though we love to make a difference among our own.

I strongly, sincerely appeal to government to deliberately consider the creative sector as an industry, and give it the attention it yearns for.

All things being equal, in times like these, government needed not issue out relief to art practitioners but would have been receiving some aid from artists.

TK: Thank you.

PC: You are welcome

Source – H-Metro

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