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Frank Buyanga responds to the fugitive claims

Frank Buyanga

Frank Buyanga responds to the fugitive claim. Businessman Frank Buyanga has dismissed reports that he is on the run from the Zimbabwe Republic Police following last week incident in which he “kidnapped” his son at a shopping centre in Waterfalls.
Over the weekend, Buyanga confirmed that he was now in the custody of his child following the kidnapping incident.

Following the incident, the mother of his minor child, Chantelle Muteswa lodged a police complaint. Addressing the media, Chantelle alleged that they were at the shopping centre around 2pm and that the kidnapping had occurred as they were emerging from a local supermarket.

She added that her mother sustained serious injuries while trying to stop the kidnappers who were also allegedly armed. The case was reported at Waterfalls Police Station under RRB Number 4310164. According to the report she had made earlier on, Chantelle told the police that she was seated in the vehicle together with her son and mother, when Buyanga who was in the company of four men wearing suits and armed with rifles took their son.

She said Buyanga was the one who forcibly took the child while the other men grabbed her handbag containing US$2 000 cash and some cosmetics. Later during the day, Buyanga also issued a statement confirming that he had recovered his son. “I filed a police report for contempt of court with you (officer-in-charge Highlands Police Station) on 11th of March 2020, after the mother of my son Ms Chantelle Muteswa failed to comply with the court which states that my access was extended to allow me to give accommodation to the minor child and ran away with the child.

“I hereby write this letter to notify that I have recovered my son at Parktown shops in Harare,” he said. Yesterday, through his lawyer Admire Rubaya of Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners, Buyanga wrote a letter to Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga advising him that he was not on the run. He said if he was genuinely sought by the police, he was more than ready to discuss any issues arising out of the custody of his minor child.

“We make reference to our above-named client (Buyanga),who has favoured us with instructions to engage you concerning allegations that he is on the run on the basis of issues raised by Ms Chantelle Muteswa. Please take note of our professional interest in the matter.

“Our client is aware of a press statement issued by his ex-girlfriend Ms Chantelle Muteswa as well as a press conference that she addressed where she made allegations that our client is being looked for by the police. We have further been alerted of a ZBC report that our client is being sought after by members of the Police Services. For the record any insinuation that our client is on the run is misplaced,” said Rubaya.

He added, “Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiqi is not on the run for he has no reason whatsoever to be on the run. He is a law-abiding citizen of this country. He is of the firm view that he did not commit any criminal offence at all which warrants the involvement of the members of the police services. Mr Rubaya said Buyanga was concerned about the conduct of eight purported police officers who visited his business premises recently as they were armed and harassed his employees.

“We are instructed that these individuals were armed to the teeth and harassed our client’s employees in the process of allegedly seeking to unlawfully enter the premises. Our client asserts that he is not a dangerous person such that there is no need for those individuals to be so armed.

“We are instructed to advise you that, in the unlikely possibility that they are genuine police officers or were sent by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, there is no need for him to be hunted for by armed police officers if he is genuinely being sought after. He is more than ready to discuss any issues arising out of the custody of his minor child,” he said.
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was yet to check with their legal department if they had received the letter from Buyanga or not.

“Since it was addressed to the Commissioner-General of Police, I will have to check with our legal department maybe tomorrow (today) to check if they have received the letter or not,” he said without shedding any more light concerning the case. Last Friday, the legal battle over custody and guardianship of a minor child pitting Frank Buyanga and his ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa took a new twist, with the mother approaching the Supreme Court contesting the High Court decision to grant the couple joint custody of their five-year-old son.

In a landmark judgment recently, the High Court ruled that fathers could have equal guardianship and custody with the mothers over their children born out of wedlock.
This changed the common law rule that gives the mother of a child born out of wedlock sole guardianship and sole custody of a minor child, although enforced maintenance orders against the father.

Source – H-Metro

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