Home Entertainment Comedian Kapfupi buries beef and reunites with Marabha and promises fireworks: Pic

Comedian Kapfupi buries beef and reunites with Marabha and promises fireworks: Pic

Marabha Kapfupi

Comedian Kapfupi buries beef and reunites with Marabha and promises fireworks: Pic. The two comedians Kafupi real name Freddy Manjalima and his co-worker Maranba real name Charles Merisi have reunited a move that was welcomed by their fans. Both of them are talented and many people are happy especially their fans.

They have been tensions between the two. This came after rumours that Maranbha had accused Kapfupi of bewitching him. Kapfupi responded to those accusations and said Marabha was a reckless and irresponsible person who blamed his failures on other people.

“Marabha mwana wandakatora, if you want look at this, we started this with Aphiri, Chimutashu, he was not even close. “We then met them in town pataive necontract kuGramma Records. I am the owner, ndini munyori wazvo ndini mutangi wazvo, that’s why pakanzi Kapfupi, it’s my group, he came to work under me.

“Akazofurirwa nevanhu vandakashanda navo inini, vanga vasina brain dzebasa, vandakasiya vasingazive kuti chii chinonzi basa,” he said. Kapfupi said there is no way he can argue with his employee.

“I don’t argue with my employee, he just left like what happened to Franco Slomo paakasiya kwaMacheso. “So zvikuzonzi azoti akaroiwa, how can I bewitch my employee, there is no one who can bewitch his or her employee, but I feel pity for the life he is living now as compared to my life.

“Semuridzi wezvinhu, ndini muridzi wezvinhu, handinetsane nemushandi wangu,” said Kapfupi. The comedian said Marabha left after being influenced by friends. But now this is all under the dust as the two comedians have reunited againa. Kapfupi dished out the news on social media and this is what he said…

Okay team yacho yazonatsokwana manje .Thanks to my brother Dj Shugeta nekubvuma kushandiswa naMwari nekutibatanidza zvekare ini nemumwe wangu Marabha .I had missed working with my brother hama dzangu and ndomuda bigtym pane zvanga zvangoitika chete but kubva nhasi handikusiye futi wangu coz i love you .

Varungu vangu mave ready here ? Mati tochitanga here ?

Source – MbareTimes

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