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Comic Pastor: I’m a good cook

Comic Pastor: I’m a good cook. President Mnangagwa recently gave a directive for a national lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), which has claimed many lives. Comic Pastor says he has discovered his other talent as a cook during the on-going 21-day lockdown period.

After the announcement, artists who have a lot of influence among them Comic Pastor, complied and have been posting videos raising awareness against the lethal virus. And being one of the most followed comedians on social media, Comic Pastor said it was the right time he plays his part in creating awareness.

Comic Pastor also revealed that he would put into good use the new talent he was sitting on for a while – cooking. Born Prosper Ngomashi, the versatile entertainer who also doubles as an emcee said discovered he was a good cook. “All along I didn’t know that I was a good cook and I only discovered it during the lockdown,” he said.

He said we was also willing to put into good use his new discovery. “After discovering this new talent, I also urge fellow men to do self-introspection and discover other talents they are sitting on during this period,” he said. Despite his new discovery, Comic Pastor said he was also working on new productions.

“Of course we are on lockdown but that does not mean the end of the world or careers. “I’m currently working on a feature film with Comic Pastor and Associates. “As you know, we have a short film titled Pamabvi that we launched recently. “I’m also using this platform to record videos that I am posting to raise awareness,” he said.

To those in denial, Comic Pastor has a piece of advice. “COVID-19 is real and I urge people out there to be extra cautious. “Life is precious and you only live once and once you realise that you can live longer.

“In short, I urge people to stay indoors and observe all the precautions. “I know a lot of people live from hand to mouth but rules are rules at times,” he said. Comic Pastor urged people to show each other love during these trying times.

Source – H- Metro

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