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Connie Ferguson has shared a poem to help fans



Connie Ferguson

As South Africans try to come to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic that’s claiming the lives of many worldwide, Connie Ferguson shared a Setswana poem she believes can calm the nation. The veteran actress shared the touching poem by Thuto Prince Musomane that addresses the fears many people across the world have regarding the coronavirus.

She said the poem inspired her in these uncertain times. A Setswana poem on how Covid-19 is affecting our entire being by #ThutoPrin. I just had to share this. It made me appreciate Setswana that much more! When he said: “Modimo o re biletsang tota re sa ipaakanya? Legale o re file tshono go nna kwa gae go ikakanya.

She said the poem loosely translated to, “Father God, why are you calling us when we are not ready? Although you have given us the opportunity to stay at home to think.”
ith Connie and her husband Shona forced to halt production on their hit telenovela The Queen, she expressed that the poem’s message really “hit home”. She highlighted that the “abrupt break” from shooting and staying at home made her appreciate the little things she previously took for granted.

“I hope we are all taking this time to reflect and appreciate the things that we took for granted, to appreciate love, family, friends, the little things, and to know that life is not guaranteed, and it’s timeframes are not known,” she said. Be good with God, be good with the world, be good in your soul. All that is well ends well! And so shall it be.

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