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COVID-19: Motorists warned over aimless movements


COVID-19: Motorists warned over aimless movements. In a statement, National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they have observed aimless movements by motorists and also urged people queuing for basic commodities to do so in an orderly manner with guidelines provided by Government. “The Zimbabwe Republic Police is continuing to monitor the lockdown situation across the country in line with the government directive as the nation manages the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ass Comm Nyathi. Motorist claiming to be looking for fuel or shopping for basic commodities exceeding the 5km radius will be arrested, police has said.

“We want to thank all Zimbabweans who have taken heed of calls by His Excellency, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Mnangagwa to stay at home and be safe, except for those engaged in essential services who have exemptions which have been clearly outlined to enable them to continue providing services to members of the public.

“However, the police has noted with concern the proliferation of letters from junior employees and staff from various institutions and government departments or ministries pleading to be allowed to pass through police roadblocks and checkpoints. “This compromises efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Please take note that, only heads of institutions, departments or senior officials have authority to seek exemptions for members of staff engaged in essential services. “Those who want to take advantage and influence the police yet they are not part of the exempted essential service providers will not be entertained,” he said.

Police noted that day two of the lockdown was calm and motorists, foot patrols and awareness campaigns will continue to be conducted by the police for the security, safety and health of the public. He said police has so far arrested 182 people for operating shebeens, public drinking, disorderly conduct and committing various traffic offences.

He urged members of the public to continue complying with lockdown measures and to cooperate with police officers as the country strives to curb the spread of this deadly COVID-19 pandemic and are free to report any crimes at their nearest police stations.

Source – H-Metro

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