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Frank Buyanga preaches hope

Frank Buyanga preaches hope. In his Easter message, Buyanga acknowledges that people are living in uncertainty following the suspension of activities and national lockdowns that have been pronounced by authorities but believes it is time to reflect on previous mistakes. Zimbabwe is on a 21-day lockdown – clocking day 15 this Monday.

Businessman Frank Buyanga has urged the public to be “bold, courageous and unwavering” in the midst of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “So as we celebrate Easter during these unprecedented times with so much natural fear and uncertainty enveloping our world, I ask for all of us to be bold, courageous and unwavering in our lives.

Let us be forgiving in all manner that is acceptable to men and God. Let us treat each other with respect and decency. Let us be good to one another. “We have all been given a chance to be better people. Lord knows we all need a clean slate. We are capable of doing better and learning from our mistakes,” said Buyanga. Buyanga said this is time for people to reconnect with family and friends, above all God.

“I hope you are safe and surrounded by your loved ones (whether physically, digitally or otherwise) during these difficult times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Let’s take this opportunity to reconnect with each other and with our God,” he added.
He also reflected on his life over the years. “As I reflect on the last few years of my life I can only look back in awe at the marvel of unexpected yet wonderful events that have marked my 40 years of existence.

“Many men call me their acquaintance but few I consider friends, perhaps it comes with the territory. “I would like to believe I work hard and make an honest, honourable and humble living but my work comes nothing close to my role as a father to my children, a listener to my family, a companion to my colleagues and a leader to the business institutions and establishments I have created over the years.

“I have been appalled by what some sections of the media have expressed about me. I have kept my prolonged silence (over decades) in the hope that the dust will someday settle and create harmony for all those that are connected to my existence.

From junior staff to middle management all the way to corporate directors across the several fields we have a stake and ownership. I am humbled by your patience, you are heroes in your own way and for that I thank you.”

Source – H-Metro

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