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How God made African parents challenge: Video



How God made parents challenge: Video. The internet/social media challenges are not ending and they are coming thick and fast. With this lockdown thing keeping us home all day, we are being forced to resort to the internet to look for fun, those of us who have data of course.

Lockdown in Zimbabwe basically means one thing… Boredom! This has seen a rise in Online Challenges like the #norushchallenge and the not so popular pillow challenge.

Before long it was war in social media is women drew the first blood. A video made by an Instagram user @moirascorner caused chaos online as Moira was showing people how God made Zimbabwean Men. This challenge went viral and it splashed to beyond borders. Now there is a new challenge that has started again similar to the above-mentioned challenge. But now they are focusing on parents, they are calling it the How God made African parents challenge. Check the video below

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Robert Mugabe Jnr’s Independence message: My father was a servant of Zimbabweans

One of his notable appearances was when he featured for the Zimbabwean squad in the Zone 6 games held in Harare in 2010. He participated in the games when he was only 18.

Robert MugabeThe controversial Mugabe boy had a message for Zimbabweans on this day as the country celebrates 40 years of independence. Check his message below…continue reading.



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