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How God made Men VS How God made Women – Videos




How God made Men VS How God made Women – Videos. Lockdown in Zimbabwe basically means one thing… Boredom! This has seen a rise in Online Challenges like the #norushchallenge and the not so popular pillow challenge.

Before long it was war in social media is women drew the first blood. A video made by an Instagram user @moirascorner caused chaos online as Moira was showing people how God made Zimbabwean Men.

She was nice enough to show all the ingredients and this didn’t go well with a lot of Zimbabwean men who gladly accepted the challenge. So today we feature these 2 videos from the challenge…

Which one do you think got it right? Are Zimbabwean men Big Gossipers like Moira put it across?

We do however know that Zim Women love their makeup and there is no arguments right there… Tell us what you think in comments…

We start with Moira’s video

And here is how men reacted to the video

Another video of men reacting to Moira’s video

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Pic of the day: Soldiers found drunk after drinking beer whilst on duty

Pic of the day: Soldiers found drunk after drinking a beer whilst on duty. Lockdown drama continues to take place and this time around its not the civilians who are at flat. Its the law enforcers who have happened to cross the red line.


Remember the government had banned the sale of alcohol but later made a reverse after a plea from the public. However, the agreement was that it was going to be sold at rightful point of sale, all those…continue reading.




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