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Londoners Bar takes care of its dancers during lockdown



Londoners Bar takes care of its dancers during the lockdown. Londoners Sports Bar joint proprietor Debbie Mubi has come to the rescue of dancers who are stranded on the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown by handing them cash donations to cushion their earnings.

With close to a quarter of the century in the game, Mama Mubi – as the city entrepreneur – came up with the Londoners Dancers Fund (LDF) which has since bailed a number of group. The groups are mainly those who have adopted Londoners as their second home with permanent slots among others.

The amounts ranged from ZW$1000 to ZW$2000 and the beneficiaries received their payouts through EcoCash. Queen of the pole Zoey Noleen who built a strong name for herself at the venue is among the beneficiaries together with David “Apama” Machowa.

Other who received the cash donations on their groups’ behalf are Nesbert Nzou of Sungura Masters who pocketed ZW$1000, Shepherd Mpofu of Tyrants Squad (ZW$2000), Zoey of Red Angels (ZW$2000), Freda Nhamo of Dynamites ZW$2000,David Machowa of Apama Arts (ZW$1200), Precious Mathe ZW$1000 among DJs who are resident at the club like DJ Torne.


In an interview, Mama Mubi said the donation was part of her efforts to uplifting dancers who also lost their source of income. “The Londoners Dancers Fund is just a way to assist dancers after the National Arts Council has failed to help them at a time when they needed help. “As someone who came through the Department of Social Welfare, I was also helped and this time around I have decided to help these dancers.

“With 23 years in the entertainment industry, this is the best way we can also give back to the sector,” she said. Mama Mubi urged people to show each other love by sharing. “As we face the greatest challenge in living memory we all hope you are staying safe and observing the social protocols of Covid-19.

Zoey Noleen

“Including social distancing, washing your hands with soap and water, using hand sanitisers etc. “There are many marginalised persons who have little or no source of income at this time. Mama Mubi is one of the female entrepreneurs who have invested a lot in showbiz.

She has been hosting top wheel-spinners and dancers who have rose to become household names. She also hosts pool tournaments among others games which bring imbibers together. “We have thus started this initiative the LDF to assist dancers who are a marginalised community of main women.”

She also gave a breakdown of how here fund will assist their needy. “The fund will address their short-term, medium-term and long-term needs.  “It will be administered strictly by Mrs Debbie Mubi and Ms Zandi Mubi with full transparency and feedback.

“’ Londoners is kick-starting the initiative with a donation of money to cover short term needs, Food hampers and cleaning essentials e.g. washing powder, soap etc as well as personal hygiene items such as sanitary pads and rent i.e. accommodation. “Medium-term needs: will include registration of dancers with Ecosure.


“Training for those who wish in small to medium scale enterprises to supplement their incomes as dancers. “In this regard, any volunteers to train/teach these ladies will be greatly appreciated.

“Finally dancers entertain many people and in this situation dealing with Covid-19, their vulnerability and marginalization has been laid bare. “Long-term needs will comprise education, self-sustenance and self-determination through self-improvement and self-run association.”

Source – H-Metro

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