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Lorraine Guyo speaks on dating men with money: Funny Video



Lorraine Guyo speaks on dating men with money: Video. The socialite who has been keeping a low profile this days after rumours of her being pimped by the one Amanda Habane Zuva. The allegations which have since been dealt with and over and done.

I’m sure by now everyone knows who she is to those who don’t, Lorraine Guyo is a Zimbabwean internet celebrity who got famous after posting a video on social media asking that men propose love to her ahead of Valentine’s Day in 2019. She came to be known as the Ndinyengeiwo girl as the video went viral.

She is also among the many of us who are lockdown in our houses as the government tries to eliminate the COVID-19 virus that has claimed too many lives in the past 3months. It started in China where it killed thousands and spread throughout the whole world.

So as she is stuck at home like the rest of us she decided to give her ladies some advice on dating men with money and here is what she had to say, although she was joking…

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Pic of the day: Soldiers found drunk after drinking beer whilst on duty

Pic of the day: Soldiers found drunk after drinking a beer whilst on duty. Lockdown drama continues to take place and this time around its not the civilians who are at flat. Its the law enforcers who have happened to cross the red line.


Remember the government had banned the sale of alcohol but later made a reverse after a plea from the public. However, the agreement was that it was going to be sold at rightful point of sale, all those…continue reading.



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