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Mai Patai: We had forgotten basics

Mai Patai: We had forgotten basics. She said this shortly after the recent donation of basic commodities by Unkie Mine to mental patients at Queen of Peace Rehabilitation Centre in Gweru as part of their corporate social responsibility. Gospel diva Mai Patai says the Covid-19 pandemic has come as a wakeup call to people who overlooked basic hygiene like washing hands.

Queen of Peace is also an organisation whose mandate is to assist people with mental challenges where Mai Patai is the brand ambassador. However, it should be mentioned that Mai Patai’s call for observing basic hygiene has to be followed religiously even after the pandemic has stabilised.

“This phase has awakened us to follow some basic hygiene that we should embrace like washing our hands, protecting each against infections through social distancing and living positive,” she said. The 2019 National Arts Merit Awards People’s Choice winner could not hide her elation after her influence was also noted at the event. “I feel honoured that Queen of Peace has received such support during this time when our country and all people in the world are under the strain of the Covid-19.

“At am so delighted and happy that our patients now feel they are not alone in the isolation imposed by the pandemic. This had been my prayer all along.” She said she managed to convince management at Unkie Mine to support them as they are carrying our tangible projects. “Queen of Peace has been involved in community projects for the past eight years. “It has hosted national events like International Day for Mental Health, No Tobacco Day, Police roundups in the Midlands province among others. “Unkie has always been aware of our activities in the province.

“We have always tried to give hope to people during the time of lockdown using our Facebook pages and other social media as we are convinced everyone is going through mental challenges these days. “It was out of our tangible contributions to society that Unkie accepted to exercise their corporate social responsibility towards Queen of Peace,” she said.

Mai Patai said the donation of groceries would go a long way in cushioning the patients at the centre which houses 32 children – 20 girls and 12 boys. Owing to her role as the brand ambassador of Queen peace, she said it was high time mental health issues are promoted.

“I have used my religious background as a woman of faith and a gospel musician to make people aware of mental health challenges and the role that Queen of Peace plays in assisting people undergoing such challenges. “I have used my music as a mental health awareness campaign tool during public gatherings,” she said.  On her message of hope to children with mental health, she added:

“As your brand ambassador, I want to assure you that we will go through your struggles together. “You are not alone in these difficult times as our Lord Jesus will always journey with us in our struggles. “This phase which will definitely pass and we will return to our normal lives. “While we are going through these difficult times, we will ensure you have enough to eat and survive.”

Source – H-Metro

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