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MDC VP Tendai Biti tears into Mnangagwa’s government

Tendai Biti

MDC VP Tendai Biti tears into Mnangagwa’s government. The government recently instructed shops to return to the price of goods as it was around March. Said Biti, “There is a price implosion in markets with the price of basic commodities shooting up by a factor of 400% since the lockdown on 30 March. Regrettably, price spike is also in US$ terms reflecting that Issue is political reflective of a broken social contract. MDC Vice President Tendai Biti says the President Emmerson Mnangagwa imposed price freeze policy is set to create food shortages in the country.

“The price controls imposed by the regime are counterproductive. Shops have removed goods from shelves while in many instances they have ignored the directive& increased prices. Citizens should challenge controls in courts as they will cause more fragility in these #covid times.”

Biti said the future of Zimbabwe cannot be entrusted to a clueless party like ZANU PF. “The mismanagement of the economy by this regime, the lies it has unleashed. The suffering it has caused including, mismanagement of monetary policy & FX, the 2% IMT Tax, fuel increases and duties, shortages, corruption, poverty, and unemployment are unpardonable. Emmerson has failed.

“An alternative disruptive consensus is urgently required to save Zimbabwe. The present and future cannot be entrusted to the murderous, incompetent, clueless, predatory lot that has completely hijacked people s aspirations and dreams. A new consensus is about #Transformation.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News

Pictures of Melo who has a WhatsApp chat that has gone viral, declining to be married by Bond notes

Pictures of the Melo who has a WhatsApp chat that has gone viral, declining to be married by Bond notes. Well social media was set ablaze last night when a WhatsApp chat of a girl who goes by the name of Melo having a conversation with her husband to be who is called Prosper was leaked on Social media. In the conversation, the two were discussing about the way Prosper was going to marry Melo.

Melo WhatsApp

The conversation turned sour when Prosper said he wanted to marry Melo using Rands and Bonds, this did not go well with Melo who said she is not worth to be married by Bonds she is of a high class and only Forex

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