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Twitter disappointed by Zandi #Mnakwethu


The new wife Zandi got into viewers’ nerves due to her horrible attitude and tweeps are not here for her.

Controversial polygamy-themed show Mnakwethu, left viewers feeling some type of way yesterday. The show which has become Mzansi’s favourite reality show, despite all the drama behind it is always trending on Twitter, for offending viewers.

Yesterday it left masses with mixed emotions, some were hyping praises on Makhosi for cutting ties with her husband. Makhosi left her marriage after her husband introduced her to a new woman he is in love with.



Tweeps have hailed her, for leaving the ‘toxic marriage’ because the new woman Zandi is hot-headed.

Tweeps have been dragging Zandi’s attitude, who was bragging about not doing household chores, citing that she won’t waste her time waking up at ungodly hours, to make sure that her husband is ready for work, but she has money to make too.

Tweeps dragged her and questioned her workplace.

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