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Twitter very upset with Ngiga’s lying #Mnakwethu

Linda Sibiya

Fans of the polygamy-themed reality show Mnakwethu were ready to add Ngiga to the “men are trash” list on Tuesday, after he was accused of lying AGAIN on the series’ reunion show.

Man was in trouble just last week when he told host Linda Sibiya that all was well at home, only for his side to come on to the show and bring slips that it was not.

Nokukhanya said that she called time on their relationship after seeing how upset it made Ngiga’s first wife, MaKhumalo.

Taken aback by the surprise, Ngiga called MaKhumalo and told her he didn’t know how Nokukhanya had shown up.

This week malume backtracked and said that the peace at home he had claimed was actually just Nokukhanya and MaKhumalo not fighting.

“What I meant when I said they are getting along was that there weren’t any fights to imply that I brought a second wife to pin them against each other. When I say they’re still with me and they get along, I mean that I introduced Nokukhanya to my wife who lives in my father’s house. So she lives close to where she works,” he explained, nervously.

When he was called out by Linda and told be truthful, he said that Nokukhanya had not left him because she didn’t love him.

“She just didn’t like how everything unfolded,” he claimed.

Nokukhanya was just sat there like …

Linda Sibiya

Sis wasn’t playing, y’all! She brought slips that he promised to build her a house far from MaKhumalo.

“Ngiga promised to build me my own house and said his first wife and I would only see each other at family gatherings. Seeing her in the same household on a daily basis was not part of our agreement,” she said.

He responded by saying that there was no way to tell if he was lying or not because he never gave a time frame for when he would fulfill his promise of building her a house.

The audience then ripped into Ngiga, saying he was a “liar”.

The sentiment was shared on social media where viewers flooded the TLs with memes and messages slamming him.

They even questioned whether his phone call to his wife after the show was real or just for the cameras.

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