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Obert Gutu laughs at Chamisa’s MDC



Obert Gutu and Chamisa

Former MDC T Vice president has laughed at the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa after the Supreme Court passed a judgement that Nelson Chamisa was not the rightful leader of the MDC.

Gutu using his twitter handle said: Kuchava nekugeda geda kwemeno(there will be knashing of teeth)… Musanyeberwa(do not be deceived)… Supreme Court judgment has got far-reaching & ground-breaking legal & political ramifications. That’s the very reason why some people are running scared! They can run for now, but most certainly they won’t escape! Watch the space

Gutu was responding to MDC Alliance leaders who say the supreme court ruling has no bearing on Chamisa’s MDC Alliance.

Source – Pindula News

In other news – Engineer Mudzuri speaks about Chamisa ouster

Engineer Mudzuri speaks about Chamisa ouster. believes the Supreme Court ruling passed on Tuesday that ruled Nelson Chamisa was an illegitimate leader of the MDC, is a blessing in disguise as it gives the opposition party members a chance to find each other.


“It is an opportunity to deal with the succession issue and to rise above personal egos and ambitions so we unite to win 2023,” Mudzuri said Wednesday…continue reading.



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