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President Ramaphosa’s Lockdown speech – 23/04/2020

President Ramaphosa’s Lockdown speech – 23/04/2020. The President of the Republic of South Africa gave his Lockdown Speech and it seems like there are going to be brighter days ahead of the few weeks to come as the country begins its journey to move back to normalcy.

Level 5 – current total lockdown 26/03/2020 to date. Level 4 – 01/052020 extreme precautions, some business to resume, adhere to health protocol, phased opening, not more than 1/3 of total employees. Borders closed to international travel, No travel between provinces. Public transport to operate but limited.

Public to stay at home. All gatherings prohibited. All elderly and sick to stay at home
Sell of cigarettes permitted. Bars n shabeens to stay closed, Sporting n religious gatherings remain closed. Level 3, Level 2, Level 1. Below are the main points the President said in his speech…

President # cyrilramaphosa says while a nationwide lockdown is needed, it cannot stay indefinitely. # LockdownSA. President # cyrilramaphosa says beyond 30 April 2020, govt will implement a risk-adjusted strategy, that will lead to the easing of lockdown restrictions. #LockdownSA.

President # cyrilramaphosa says there’s clear evidence that the lockdown has been working, together with other measures taken, like closing borders. # LockdownSA. President Cyril Ramaphosa reiterates that 75 have lost their lives due to the coronavirus, in South Africa. He says because #COVID19 can spread so rapidly, it can overwhelm any health system. #LockdownSA.

Ramaphosa says the objective since declaring the national disaster on the 15th March, was to delay the surge. Government’s approach has been based on social distancing, restriction of movement and basic hygiene practices. # COVID19
# LockdownSA. President # cyrilramaphosa explaining five levels of lockdown. # LockdownSA.

The risk strategy has five levels – with level 5 being a full lockdown to save lives and level 1 being near to normal activity. Ramaphosa says we are currently at level 5. # COVID19
# LockdownSA. President Cyril Ramaphosa says the lockdown cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Ministers to hold detailed briefing on each of the industries and how they will operate. #COVID19 # LockdownSA. The ban on sale of cigarettes will be lifted. (1 May)
Bars and shebeens remain closed. # COVID19 # LockdownSA.

# CoronaVirusSA Ramaphosa “the command council met earlier and determined that the alert level will be leveled from level 5 to 4 from the 1st of May. Some activity will be allowed with extreme caution” # LockdownSA.

As from 1 May – borders will remain closed to international travel, with the exception of repatriation. No travel between provinces, except transport of goods, exceptional circumstances like funerals. # COVID19 # LockdownSA

Some sectors will not be allowed to operate at full production. Some industries will not be allowed to operate with more than one third of its workforce. A work-from-home strategy must be adopted where possible. # COVID19 # LockdownSA.

Exercise will be permitted under strict conditions that are still to be spelled out. # COVID19# LockdownSA.No sporting events, no concerts, no other large gatherings will be allowed under level 4. # COVID19 # LockdownSA.

The elderly and frail, and most vulnerable must stay at home as much as possible. Even during level 4, the elderly need to be extra careful. # SALockdown. President # cyrilramaphosa is calling on all South Africans to wear face masks. # LockdownSA.

# CoronaVirusSA Ramaphosa “we encourage all to wear cloth masks when leaving your home. Our textile industry is gearing up to make these on a large scale.” # StayHome# LockdownSA. President Cyril Ramaphosa says from 30 April South Africa will begin a gradual and phased resumption of economic activity.

Public transport will be limited to a number of passengers, and stringent hygiene requirements. All passengers to wear face masks. # COVID19# LockdownSA. President # cyrilramaphosa says the government is rapidly increasing our public health response… mass screenings will continue to take place. # LockdownSA # eNCA.

Ramaphosa: This is a time for caution, to act responsibility but also a time for patience. No one doesn’t want to return to their normal lives, and to restart their businesses. But there are times when we have to endure hardship, to enjoy prosperity into the future. # LockdownSA.

Source – MbareTimes

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