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Sbahle Mpisane’s Food tips that will give you a #FoodGasm

The Lockdown has come with so many lessons to us all it seems. It has clearly given us a chance to look at life differently and appreciate the little things that we never thought were important. We are so used to takeaways and junk food but Sbahle Mpisane has taught us to think outside the bun.

Sbahle Mpisane
I need to rewear this bikini soon 😍

We sure know how amazing Sbahle Mpisane aka Fitness Bunnie is, I am sure all you out there have been wondering whats her secret. Well, the beautiful Fitness Bunnie showed us a glimpse of her healthier options, an insight into what she eats but still has to be amazing.

Sbahle took to Instagram and shared these tips with pictures that will get all of you hungry again and again…

Sbahle Mpisane Food
Remember think outside the bun

Sbahle said – Healthier Options Do Exist! Think Outside The Bun

Everybody needs a cheat meal once a week to stay sane 🤞🏽 I prepared my healthier burger option on Monday because my weekly routine restricts me from cheat meals. On Sunday though I did prepare two normal burgers for myself hehe because I knew this week was going to be arduous!

By Yours Truly Chef Manyise @fitnessbunnie_sbahlempisane visit my page for more details

Sbahle Mpisane Food
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I guess to be as amazing as Sbahle Mpisane you have to be a very good cook as well, Why not take a moment and try out her healthier options I am sure you will have a #FoodGasm as she put it. If anything this Covid-19 Lockdown has taught us not to depend on takeaways and for other alcohol. (I know this is a sensitive issue!)

Moving away from food for a little bit…. Sbahle shared this video that made us appreciate her talents…

She captioned the video, I, myself, braided my own natural afro hair 4 weeks ago 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I’m surprised I managed to do that without any assistance but it truly made me treasure my umphotho hairstyle more 🥰 awww how beautiful is it still? Sad to say, but it’s time for me to undo my hair tonight before my hair locks together into dreadlocks… #Day34ofLockdown

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