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Covid-19 Updates

See what the Army and Police are doing to Lockdown violators: Video




See what the Army and Police are doing to Lockdown violators: Video. As the lockdown continues in most parts of Africa scenes are getting tense and serious as we all try to control the COVID-19 pandemic that as seen thousands of people die in less than two months. In Italy yesterday 763 people died in a day, in only 24 hours. This shows how deadly the disease is and its very worry some and troublesome.

Armed members of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces were spotted in Mbare on Saturday as they resumed their duties of assisting the police in enforcing the 21-day lockdown regulations. On Friday evening Presidential spokesperson George Charamba warned youths that the soldiers were back in town.

So the world has adopted a Lockdown system to try and control the pandemic Many countries has locked down their countries, closing all borders and introducing a country lock. Many countries in Africa have declared a 21-day National Lockdown in which people are being urged to stay indoors and never go out.

Those who defy the order they are being arrested and sent to jail by the police Many countries mainly in Africa have deployed soldiers as well as to help the police. T those who defy the lockdown here is a clip of what will be done to them.

Watch video below

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party

Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party. And in May 2017, roughly 13 months after he had left the Socialist Party, to form a movement named La République En Marche, a 40-year-old politician named Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election with 66.1% of the vote.

Nelson Chamisa

So it stands to reason that even without the benefit of considerable financial resources or a long track record, a candidate’s strength of character and policy proposals can drive a new party to power…continue reading.




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