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Socialite Zuva Habane: Lockdown, a forced self- reflecting time: Videos




Socialite Zuva Habane: Lockdown, a forced self- reflecting time. Most countries globally have gone under lockdown so as to try and stop the virus from spreading. Socialite and influencer Zuva Habane have described the 21-day lockdown as a forced self-reflecting time.

Zuva who is a few days into the lockdown in South Africa said she is already discovering a lot about herself, her new love and various other things. “It’s like God put us on slow mode to reflect because everyone was on a fast mode and too busy chasing the world and not concentrating on some important stuff.

“Now we have all the time to reflect on ourselves. “I have noticed I have been slacking on my brand because I have always felt I’m talented and I didn’t get time to research.

“I have been researching and reading and I have actually come up with interesting research that can help my brand become even better. “I have been too busy for that all this time. “I am also noticing something about my love partner because now I have all the time to notice stuff.


“I have even noticed changes that need to be done around the house and I am sure a whole lot others are going through the same process. “I also even now check up on many other relatives like I didn’t usually do,” said Zuva.

She urged people to utilise the time not only to reflect upon themselves but even discover new things about their close families like children and their partners.  She said the 21-day lockdown is going to have a toll and a lot of emotions erupting and people should try and stay calm and slow down.


“I was reading about the divorce rate going up in China during their quarantine period and it is disturbing. “People should really take it slow and calm down because a lot of emotions are going to be erupting.


“At the end of 21 days I don’t know how it’s going to be because there is a lot of discovering of each other for partners, parents and children. “Personally I am trying to adjust by accepting. “I really don’t how life is going to be after these 21 days,” she said.

Source – H-Metro

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