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The strength Mimie Moana has in her thighs: Video




The strength Mimie Moana has in her thighs: Video. We know her for her stunning figure, physical body appearance and the eagerness she has for keeping and living a healthy life. The fitness bunny has shared some video of her showing off how strong her thighs are. The lady sometimes does crazy work out sessions, her flexibility is second to none.

If you see the pictures that she posts on her Instagram you will end up scrolling all her pictures and that might take as the whole day for you to finish viewing the stunning pictures she posts. The body does not come easily though.

The fitness bunny has just caused a social media meltdown. Her latest pictures are simply stunning. At this moment it is safe to say welcome to December and we can feel the heat. Mimie is serving body goals for years, l bet every woman will die for such a stunning and gorgeous body Mimie possess.

Watch video below of the bunny squashing watermelons with her thighs as she shows the strength her legs can generate


Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Robert Mugabe Jnr’s Independence message: My father was a servant of Zimbabweans

One of his notable appearances was when he featured for the Zimbabwean squad in the Zone 6 games held in Harare in 2010. He participated in the games when he was only 18.

Robert MugabeThe controversial Mugabe boy had a message for Zimbabweans on this day as the country celebrates 40 years of independence. Check his message below…continue reading.



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