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Wow’d by Upcoming Artist, TooHigh – Brand New Video

Lockdown has given me the opportunity to be online and check out the Zimbabwean Entertainment Industry. We might not have much as far as money is concerned but we surely are rich in talent.

Earlier today I had Stunner feat Baba Shupi – Godo on repeat and it got me thinking… If these are the legends in the Zimbabwean Hip Hop industry who really is next in line. So curiosity got the best of me and I searched for upcoming artists.

After a few disappointments (no I don’t mean Van Choga) I found this video by this 20-year-old man from the City of Kings. Fresh and new in the Industry, I thought he might just be the future chosen one. His name is Josphat Sakala aka TooHigh and he has some promising talents.

After watching the video I thought I should reach out and get more information on this young man…. Apparently he released the above video on the 28/04/2028 which was also his birthday… nice! Below is a bit of info on the young talent…

Josphat Sakala is a young boy aged 20 known as TooHigh for being in the entertainment industry. He was born in Hwange, grew up in the same location until he moved to the City of Kings in 2020. He is a songwriter, artist, dancer and a hyperman that has performed with other artists like Rockie DoUb and Tha Dawg. TooHigh started his music career in 2018.

This year 2020, TooHigh released a song Titled Your Ego where he collaborated with Chiedza and HiTKiiD and then there was the above video that caught my attention.

You can follow TooHigh on Social Media:

YouTube: @TooHigh 263
iG: @TooHigh263zw
Twitter: @Toohigh263
Facebook: @Josphat Sakala TooHigh263

For bookings and features…
Email: toohigh263@gmail.com
Cell #: 0777369728

Record label name: Flamerz Entertainment

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