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Natasha Thahane aka Amo – What a talented soul


Skeem Saam and The Queen actress Natasha Thahane popularly know for playing her role Amo on the Queen as the daughter of Captain Jerry Maake played by Shona Ferguson.

Natasha took to social media to show her talent playing Ed Sheeran – Perfect song on the piano. She is very talented and this is one side of her we were not aware.

Natasha Thahane left her job on The Queen to follow her academic ambitions to study directing and producing in New York. She came back and she hasn’t stopped making major moves, with her latest being a role on Blood And Water, the Second African Original Series on Netflix.

Natasha is showing many talents and fans are loving her, with some taking to Twitter to show their love for her talents.

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Olinda Chapel hits back Shadaya Tawona: Video. Remember yesterday we had an article of the Olinda Shadaya Instagram war which has turned out to be a very nasty fight and is trending on social media especially on Instagram and Twitter.


Yesterday we posted pictures of the two throwing shade at each other right. Well, last night Olinda did a live Instagram video where she was throwing everything she has got about dissing Shadaya whose full is Shadaya Tawona who is a comedian. He runs an Instagram page that posts funny Memes. read more

Source – MbareTimes