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Tbo Touch exposed by his angry workers

Tbo Touch

Former Metro FM DJ-turned businessman Tbo Touch has been accused of backing out of his promises. Tbo Touch (real name Thabo Molefe) has allegedly failed to pay his staffers their retrenchment packages.

This after staffers were informed they wouldn’t get their retrenchment packages for this month due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The letter dated 5 May reads in part: Due to the above, we have no option but to delay the last payment for the last three months.

“That effectively means we’ll only ay out the last part of the retrenchments at the end of July.”

According to the SunTeam, the staff at Soweto TV hadn’t been paid on time. But Tbo Touch denied the allegations, Simphiwe Majola the publicist for both Touch HD and Soweto TV said:

” At no point were the alleged employees informed they will not receive payment.

‘They were actually informed that upon the return of the company property in their procession, payments of all outstanding amounts will be made.” Insisted a staff member who wished to remain anonymous:

” Just this month, instead of getting paid on 25 April, some got paid on the 1st, some on the 2nd and 3rd of this month.

Several sources revealed that the staffers were unhappy with Tbo Touch. especially after being seen on social media flying in and out of the country.

Another informant said their sweat and blood and tear went unnoticed by their ‘arrogant boss’.

” We’re constantly told we should quit if we aren’t happy,” the informant said.

“He is forever making people like they aren’t educated yet most of us are more educated than him.”

Another source said they used to go all out and work extra hours to please their boss.

” He would promise over time but when you invoice or those extra hours, you’ll get nothing.

“He’ll tell us he is doing us a favour and there are millions of unemployed people who would die to be in our positions. If we feel like we deserve more, we must think of that.”

Another source also said: In January our boss was living la vida life in LA, while we were waiting for our salaries.

The beauty about social media is you can trace someone’s movements.” painful thing is they were sent emails stating they won’t get their retrenchment pay for this month.

Asked for comment Tbo Touch referred inquiries to his publicist.

” At no point were the alleged employees informed they will not receive payment.

” They’re currently in possession of company property and, as we informed them, upon return of the company property, we’ll then pay the outstanding amount.

“As a matter of fact, Touch HD has even laid theft charges against them at the Sandton Police station.”

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