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#Chooseday with Wadiwa WepaMoyo’s Noku: Getting personal with actress Tadiwa Bopoto


#Chooseday with Wadiwa WepaMoyo’s Noku: Getting personal with actress Tadiwa Bopoto. The local drama has been such a hit mainly because of this beautiful, stunning and gorgeous human being l believe in my own perspective. Below are some facts you need to know about this hot and beautiful sexxy Tadiwa K Bopoto.

Noku is the main reason why many of us follow the drama. Real name Tadiwa K Bopoto she has portrayed very well the role of Noku so much that the whole country has fallen in love with her.

Online drama series Wadiwa Wepa Moyo has been a breakout hit since it premiered in February. Despite only airing online on the College Central channel on Youtube, the series has attracted a multitude of follows and garnered rave reviews. So good has been the following that the producers of the hit show have now committed to making another season.


Tadiwa Bopoto is a Zimbabwean actress best known for playing the role Noku on popular new online television series Wadiwa Wepamoyo which debuted on Youtube in February 2020.


Noku (Tadiwa Bopoto) is the girlfriend of aspiring footballer Man Tawa (Everson Chieza). Everything is going well until Noku’s ex-boyfriend Tendai (Albert Chigiya) decides to come back in her life creating confusion for Noku.

Tadiwa Bopoto

Tadiwa Bopoto is studying medicine at Midlands State University (MSU). Wadiwa Wepamoyo is her first major acting role. Tadiwa says acting is just a hobby that she does to takes her mind of studying medicine which she says can be difficult.

Tadiwa BopotoTadiwa she doesn’t know whether she will continue acting in the future. Tadiwa Bopoto was born on 26 November 1998. She is 21 years old as of 2020. Tadiwa is the first born in a family of four and is the only girl. Tadiwa has lived in Bulawayo, Gweru, Chitungwiza and Harare.

Tadiwa K

Tadiwa Bopoto’s boyfriend is not known but she has stressed that she is not dating Everson Chieza (Mana Tawa) in real life even though the two had been friends before the show and have known each for a long time.

Source – MbareTimes/vantunews

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