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When Cyclone Olinda strikes it never misses: Pics

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When Cyclone Olinda strikes it never misses: Pics. The controversial socialite and businesswoman has struck again and she is currently trending after dropping a bombshell last night after her ex-hubby Stunner had denied speaking to Olinda.

Besides here dramatic marriage life Olinda is a good person and likes to empower young people especially her fellow women. She does a lot of charity work and promotes the good keep of others especially the needy.

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And Olinda being Olinda she posted evidence pictures of the recent lengthy phone calls she had with the rapper, She posted about 6 chats of different days she had video calls with Stunner and this might all affect Stunner’s relationship with wife Dyonne.

Olinda Picture Rumours already circulating on social media are saying the two are currently on a tense relationship. Her latest posts have caused havoc and commotion on social media after publishing pictures that reveal she has been in constant contact with Stunner and they even do video calls.

Olinda PictureThis came hours after Stunner real name Desmond Chideme had posted a live video claiming he is not in contact with Olinda.

In the video Stunner clearly states that he is no longer talking to Olinda and is focusing on his music side and his marriage to baby mama Dyonne Tanaka. He was addressing rumours that he and Dyonne had gone separate ways.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Chatunga Mugabe takes a dig at Jah Prayzah’s new album Hokoyo

Chatunga Mugabe takes a dig at Jah Prayzah’s new album Hokoyo. The celebrated artist will today release his 15-track album titled Hokoyo. Seven videos off the album. I couldn’t hold on to this anymore. Jah Prayzah has finally decided to drop his 10th album in the midst of the Covid-19 inspired national lockdown.

Chatunga Mugabe

With videos to the title track Hokoyo and Asante Sana having been released already, Jah Prayzah is set to release the rest of the album starting…continue reading.

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