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Thief falls asleep whilst stealing at Madzibaba’s house

Never Jimu

Thief falls asleep whilst stealing at Madzibaba’s house. The suspected thief Never Jimu(42) of Nzvimbo growth point, Chiweshe had to be whipped by the prophet to regain consciousness.

There was drama in Centenary at the prominent Apostolic prophet Biggie Musanzika popularly known as Madzibaba Jonah’s house on Saturday morning where a suspected maize thief fell asleep on his loot.

When Bulawayo24.com arrived on the scene scores of people were milling around Madzibaba’s house to witness the drama. Speaking to Bulawayo24 the prophet said the Holy spirit overshadows his area and no black magic (juju) is involved.

“We are guided by the holy spirit if we can catch witches and redeem them what makes us fail to catch thieves no black magic is involved here this is just the power of God,” he said.

The soft-spoken man of God said he understands that people are hungry hence he did not press charges against the suspect.

“I am a man of God and l understand that people are hungry due to the current lockdown in this Covid-19 pandemic era hence l forgave him there is no need to press charges against a hungry man,” he added.

Quizzed on his actions Jimu said he wanted to steal the maize for resale to get bus fare back to Chiweshe. Muzarabani District ward 15 councillor Ascension Chidewo said people should shun stealing.

“What we witnessed today in this ward should be a lesson to all of us that stealing is a bad habit hence people should desist from it,” said Chidewu. The prophet is well-known for his generosity as he supports government programs like the national clean-up campaigns, COVID 19 donations among others.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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