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Drama as police officers clashes with motorists

Police Motorists

Drama as police officers clashes with motorists. Motorists yesterday clashed with two police officers at a service station along Leopold Takawira accusing them of using their uniform to disregard the queue to access fuel.

One of the police officers arrived at the filling station holding two jerry cans and went straight to the petrol attendant and motorists booed him off and ordered the petrol attendant not to serve him. “Police officer better joins the queue because we are not happy with that attitude of disregarding the queue, after all, you are the guardian of the law,” one of the motorists shouted on top of his voice.

“Kana mava kuda zvepetrol bvisai uniform iyo mupinde mumutsetse munevamwe,” added one of the motorists. His colleague, a disciplinarian officer with the rank of sergeant major, intervened but his threats failed to hold water as motorists teamed up against the two forcing them to leave without being served.

H-Metro established that the petrol attendant was attending to motorists with cash only denying other forms of payments. Motorists spend the better part of Africa Day joining queues to fill up their vehicles and some disregarded to observe social distancing and putting on of face masks as they wrestle to get the precious liquid. Zimbabwe joined the rest of Africa in commemorating Africa Day, a day African countries agreed.

Source – H-Metro

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