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Sniper collaborates with Leonard Mapfumo

Sniper and Mapfumo

Sniper collaborates with Leonard Mapfumo. The pair, which worked together for 18 years but never collaborated before, has vowed to cement their ‘bromance’ with a collabo. In an interview with H-Metro, Leonard Mapfumo said: “The song is about a young man who visited Harare from a small town and gets fascinated by the fast life of Harare particularly the ladies.

Urban grooves founders Sniper Storm and Leonard Mapfumo yesterday lived to their promise when they released a duet single titled Mairosi. “His brother then come in to warn him about the dangers of associating with these type of women.” Asked what inspired them to pen the song, Mapfumo said: “Well, before the lockdown we were reminiscing on how we worked together for the past 18 years and realised that we had not done a song together.

“In that realisation, we thought of doing a song that would speak to the ordinary guy that comes to Harare selling tobacco or looking for an opportunity to make money to not lose focus to the fast life of Harare.”

Mapfumo said working with Sniper Storm was an amazing experience. “We have always worked together as I highlighted, we have known each other for more than 18 years so working with him was really an amazing feeling trying to balance our sound that complements both our strengths.

“Sniper is an easy person to work with, very creative and knows exactly what he wants,” Mapfumo told H-Metro. Mapfumo said that they chose the date Africa Day as they had been delaying the release of the song. “Well, we just picked the day as a good day to release because we have been delaying the release for a while.

“We were hoping to do it after the lockdown but seeing that the lockdown might be with us for a while we just decided to release it. “We had started the project before the lockdown so we had done most of the work already.”

Mapfumo said that there are also other tracks that he was working on. “The lockdown has given me the opportunity to write a lot of music so I have a lot of songs that I will be releasing this year and who know, maybe an album too,” Mapfumo said.

Mapfumo said that apart from working on his upcoming songs he has also found time to do a couple of things during this lockdown period. “I am writing music, getting some work done, watching movies, reading books and also socializing on social media,” he told H-Metro. Asked if the lockdown is slowing his progress as an artiste Mapfumo said:

“It has its pros and cons in that it has given us time to work on our writing and it has given us a new audience online. “However, in terms of income, it has slowed down everything in that we cannot do shows anymore that which was our biggest stream of income.”

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Source – H-Metro

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