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#FBF with Mai Titi teaching woman how to handle a man in bed: Video

Mai Titi in Bed

#FBF with Mai Titi teaching woman how to handle a man in bed: Video. The comedian who is in the UK and is probably going to stay there for a while after being affected by the Lockdown chick the country imposed after the death of many thousands due to the effect of the Covid-19 disease.

Born Felistas Murata, the comedienne who is currently holed up in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic penned a song ‘Let him go’ featuring Kazz Khalif and its lyrics are believed to be after her separation with Zizoe.

Socialite and gospel musician Mai Titi has collaborated with an international musician and recorded a song titled Let Him Go during the national lockdown in the United Kingdom.  This is where she is posting her steamy pictures and these days she is more into music.

Mai Titi confirmed penning an emotional song accusing Zizoe of wasting her time saying God is taking her far. “Let him go song is a direct response to Zizoe who seduced me with a hidden intention to market his songs while wasting my time,” said Mai Titi.

“I am moving on with my life and besides marriage, God blessed me with gifts that cannot be stolen by anyone and singing gives me hope and strength. But before all this fame and drama she used to give ladies tips to deal with their men when behind closed doors. Below is a video of her back in the day teaching ladies how to give it to your man when you caught him cheating…

Source – MbareTimes

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