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Raisedon Baya: Simba Makoni was a scam


Raisedon Baya: Simba Makoni was a scam. Prominent Zimbabwean artist Raisedon Baya has described the 2008 Presidential campaign by former Finance Minister Simbarashe Herbert Stanley Makoni as a political scam.

“Simba Makoni was a political scam. I remember his rally at White City where rumours that Mujuru and Dabengwa were soon to join him in the leadership of Mavambo Dawn. Simba was young, at least compared to Mugabe, and for some months we believed new dawn was coming. Scam!” Baya posted on Saturday.

Makoni resigned form ZANU PF a few months before the 2008 elections and, together with the late ZPRA Intelligence Supremo Dumiso Dabengwa, they made a pact with then Professor Arthur Mutambara led MDC. Simba Makoni promised that top ZANU PF shefs will join him in the campaign for the Presidential elections.

His project suffered a stillbirth after the late Zimbabwe army commander General Vitalis Zvinavashe withdrew from supporting Makoni causing the late ZANU PF power broker to suspect he was about to be played out politically if he supported Makoni.


Source – Bulawayo24 News

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