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Chatunga Mugabe strikes again as he asks Why ma female celeb akawanda ari mvana?



Chatunga Mugabe asks Why ma female celeb akawanda ari mvana? The son of the former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has caused yet another uproar on social media after he had asked one of the most controversial questions that many try to avoid as much as possible.

The rich and famous boy was at it again after he posted the below post on his Twitter account. He wrote: Why ma female celebrities akawanda air mvana? I’m asking for a friend musandituka…


This post has caused controversy already with many women feeling offended by this kind of question. Below are some of the comments and replies the post has get…

Fitness bunny Letty Abs had this to say: I couldn’t keep my mouth SHUT ❗ But if your MAMA hit celebrity status vari ‘mvana’ don’t do that to baby mamas. They’re probably following in the footsteps of the great G. -O-A-T.

jnrkhalisa_zw: Only in Zimbabwe where women are mistreated for having a child with a man who’s not ready to accept responsibility.
miss_future_that: Iwe Chatunga mai vako imvana yakawanirwa Nyasha saka siti dhauni 😹utoriwo mwana wemvana iwe 😆Baba vako vakakuzvara neMvana
_desire_tc: Because as Zimbabwean men we have been misled to believe that you always have to be in control of your woman, thus it is very intimidating when she becomes the central figure in a marriage. The problem is usually the men, not the women👨🏾‍🦯🧎🏾‍♂️
nesto_cyrax09: Vese varikupopota muri pa Celebs here? Zvanzi ma Celebs garai pasi ma Celebs adaire ega..Pokello huya apaa
Source – MbareTimes
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