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Drama as child exposes mum’s s.e.xcapades with lover to dad: Audio



Cheating Scandal

Drama as a child exposes mum’s s.e.xcapades with a lover to dad: Audio. The dramas just keep getting better and more chaotic especially the ones which involve cheating. A rise of cheating scandals are starting to increase again and most of the time its the ladies who are married who are being involved in these shenanigans.

We recently published an article of a married Mpostori lady who has been cheating her hubby with one of the church congregate. The matter came to light after n@ked pictures of the woman were leaked on social media. It’s one of the trending articles and if you haven’t read about it check it on our most-read articles category.

Anyways back to our story, a married woman is in hot soup after her kid exposed her of her shenanigans to her hubby. From the audio, the little kid who sounds like a daughter is heard narrating what happened when she went out with her mom. She is heard telling her father that mommy was being k!ssed by uncle when we were sitting on uncle’s bed.

From the audio, the daughter was telling her dad because she was worried that mom could get COrona. Obviously the hubby did not take the news lightly and he just stood up and confronted his wife whom in turn said she did not want to be asked about her whereabouts since she does not do the same to him the hubby if he goes out.

She even threatened her hubby by saying if she touched her she would report him to the police. Listen to the audio below

[videopress eSt43Uen]

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – The lady of the leaked video claiming her boyfriend had an ANACONDA speaks out: Video

The lady of the leaked video claiming her boyfriend had an ANACONDA speaks out: Video. The video trended yesterday and its still trending today. So it so happened that some of us celebrate the day in different ways and yesterday we learnt of a new way the lady in the video below celebrated the day.

Slay Queen

So there is a video trending on social media since yesterday of a girlfriend bragging and thanking her mother-in-law for giving birth to her boyfriend who she went on and explain how good he is in…continue reading.



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