Ex-ZIPRA commander forms new party

Ex-ZIPRA commander forms new party. The party claims to be founded on the values of the liberation struggle and empowerment to the Zimbabwean populace, setting the stage for a bruising battle with ZANU PF that has been flaunting the liberation struggle mantra and ZAPU that is founded on the liberation history.

Renowned journalist and the former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) reporter for The Outpost Mxolisi Ncube has joined hands with former ZIPRA Commander Andrew Nyathi to form a new political party named the Patriotic Front.

Ncube is the inaugural party’s interim spokesperson with Nyathi assuming the role of coordinator. Ncube courted the ire of Zanu PF after he was suspected to be a Baba Jukwa mole who had a field day spilling what was purported to be ZANU PF politburo top secrets prior to 2013 elections.

Nyathi was trained as a Political Commissars and is the author of two political books: Tomorrow is Built Today and At a Time Such as This.

In an interview Ncube said they were in the process of recruiting and building the party and their teams have been busy with consultations in every province of Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora and they recently submitted their findings, which gave an insight into how to model the party, resulting in the choice of ideology and formulation recruitment models and policy documents.

“The relevant documents are now being prepared by the think-tank according to what our founding values are. As a party that is driven more by the cause than individuals, we began with the laying down of the kind of party we want – the cause, before we get to leadership. The formation we want to use will determine what type of leadership to elect, what mandate, targets and deliverables to give them and how to evaluate them as we go along,” he said. “For now we have a team of coordinators working under Andrew Nyathi as the Chief Coordinator and or Interim Secretary-General, for administrative purposes.”

Asked if their party will contest in the next elections, Ncube said “Yes, we will contest the elections in 2023, hoping that the electoral field would have been levelled and also allowing for the Diaspora vote, to ensure every eligible Zimbabwean votes. We are a unique party in that we don’t exist for the lay-blaming, blame-shifting, insults, and political fighting. We exist primarily to fulfil the wishes of our nation’s founding fathers, the economic emancipation of Zimbabweans in their communities.”

According to a public statement, Patriotic Front is an empowerment tool for Zimbabweans, whose main aim is to work with Zimbabweans as they unshackle themselves from poverty and economic woes that have bedevilled both individuals and their communities, especially after the turn of the millennium.

“The party is founded on the values and ethos of the liberation struggle. Our values, vision, and mission are anchored on the need to achieve democracy, equality, unity, peace, and an equitable sharing of our national and natural resources for the benefit of every citizen.” Ncube added

The following are the aims of the party:

• To create a successful, progressive, and united Zimbabwe.
• To unite the people of Zimbabwe based on a common national agenda
• To create a country based on principles of social justice and fight to eliminate the vast inequalities and system of oppression.
• To build a Zimbabwe with common patriotism and loyalty in which cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity of the people is recognized and respected.
• Protect and promote the advancement of women’s rights and emancipation
• Protect and promote the advancement of children’s rights and rights of the disabled
• Promote diversity and protect the rights of all Zimbabweans regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, s.e.x, or creed.
• Eliminate any forms of discrimination based on race, color, ethnic origin, sex, or creed.

Source – Bulawayo24 news

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