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Facts you need to know about songbird Tamy Moyo

Moyo Tamy

Facts you need to know about songbird Tamy Moyo. The singer is one of the top females who are putting Zim RnB music on the map and she is doing very well among artist such as Gema Griffiths, Ammara Brown to mention just a few. The Kwatinobva hitmaker recently celebrated her first million views on Youtube.

Tamy said she is elated that her hardworking efforts are paying off. Award-winning songbird Tamy Moyo says she is delighted as one of her songs titled You Are Beautiful has reached a million views on YouTube.

Though she has made several and well-received songs such as Zviroto, Kwandinobva and others, You Are Beautiful is her first song to reach a million views. It was released in 2017 and features Takura and Dobba Don. “I’m really grateful and humbled by this milestone. All the hard work we put in has paid through the massive response. “I am also greatly encouraged by this milestone. I will keep working hard and yes It is my first song to reach a million views,” said Tamy. Tamy has thanked her fans for the support they show to her music.

Tamy Moyo

So today we take some time to share with you some of the facts that you might need to know about the sexxy hot and beautiful songbird with some pictures that truly agrees with what l have just described her as physically.


This time in quarantine has really taught me a lot. I needed to have honest conversations with myself, really understand where I truly stand with myself. I came to realise there is a point I’d fallen out of love with myself. Id questions everything about myself and why I am that way.

MoyoId wait for the perfect moment to appreciate myself but it hit me hard that those moments will pass and can never be relived, I’d never feel that exact same way about myself at that moment again. Just a kind reminder to be kind to yourself, your body, your mind, your entire being!! You need you more than anyone else does 🌻🌻 #CrushingOnMeForever even though it’s a journey ❣️❣️ This Is My Prayer For Rain❣️🎙📻

Source – MbareTimes

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