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Kaizer Chiefs captain Willard Kastande: COVID-19 is scary


Kaizer Chiefs captain Willard Kastande: COVID-19 is scary. The Kaizer Chiefs hardman, however, said he is doing everything possible to stay safe, urging everyone to be cautious. Former Warriors captain Willard Katsande admits it is scary to be in South Africa at the moment as cases of coronavirus continue to surge.

“It’s a bit scary, the number keeps on growing each and every day but thank God, me and my family we are safe and at the moment we try to apply the rules as much as possible,” said Katsande. Katsande said what is important at the moment is to save human lives and stop thinking about secondary issues like football.

He said there is no football without people. “We have been under lockdown for a long time but it’s not by choice, there is the reason we are under lockdown, human lives count first. “Our priority is to save lives, football should be a secondary issue.

“In order for us to enjoy football, in order for people to enjoy football is because everyone is safe. At the moment as much as we miss football, we are not worried about football, we are worried about our relatives, we are worried about the next person,” said the Kaizer Chiefs captain from his base in South Africa.


While concerns have been raised about players’ fitness, Bute, as the midfielder in known in football circles, said he doing everything to keep fit. “In terms of fitness, fitness is very key in our game. But remember we are professionals, we are paid to play the game. So you need to treat every situation in a professional way whereby you need to apply the rules required.

“Fortunately for us as a team, we train every day with the rest of the guys but via zoom. It’s very helpful, the only thing we miss is the technical drills but in terms of fitness we are up there. “When we resume it’s not gonna take much time until we get back to 100 per cent fitness.”

Katsande said what is motivating them is the fact that they are on top of the standings and are on a mission to end Chiefs’ five-year drought without winning the championship.
“We wanted to wrap up the season and win the league in five years. But there is the reason we stopped football, we need to follow their rules so that we overcome this.”

Willard Katsande

He said it is possible to defeat Covid-19 if people pull in one direction. “For the first time, we are playing for the same team whereby it’s easy for us to defeat the virus and the rules are the same. Let’s support them, let’s stay home and be together in this,” he said.

The midfielder has of late stirred debate with his fashion sense on social media. Katsande has been posting pictures putting on a doek which he said part of the inspiration is from her late mother who died two years ago. “My fashion sense, I believe I set the bar, what inspired me is when people saw me with that doek they said I look like my mother and I chose to be creative and continue putting on the doek.

Katsande Willard

“The people close to me know me better. I was happy with it and I told myself to continue. My followers are those who follow me and see right things in me, I know what I do when it comes to dressing but those who see otherwise, it’s fine, I’m sorry they have to move with times, how fashion goes.

“I know I’m the best when it comes to dressing. “There is a perception that footballers don’t know anything about dressing. I feel like it’s time to send a message that we don’t only wear tracksuits we all wear other outfits,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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