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Lions causing havoc in Chipinge as they attack villagers




Lions causing havoc in Chipinge as they attack villagers. The two predators went on to attack domestic animals including goats, donkeys and cattle, giving villagers quite a scare. ZimParks Public Relations Officer, Tinashe Farawo confirmed the mishap. “We can confirm that there was an incident in Chipinge under Chief Musikavanhu where two lions attacked two young men.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks) has dispatched rangers to hunt down two stray lions which mauled two men on Wednesday. “One of them is still receiving treatment in hospital. “It is very unfortunate and this is a result of an overpopulation of the animals that we have always been saying

“I think we are now sounding like a broken record, our animals are overpopulated, and they end up encroaching human settlements in search of water and food,” he said. Farawo said the rangers are on ground with the view of hunting down the animals.

“We have deployed our rangers and they are on the ground. “We have reacted to that incident, they are hunting down the predators with a view of pulling them down. “At least we maintain peace in Chipinge.


“This incident is not only unique to Chipinge District since we have also another case in Bikita where our rangers have reacted to problematic lions. “This year alone lions have killed at least 4 people and several others have been injured including this case in Chipinge,” added Farawo.

It is reported that the two lions, attacked ran amok and attacked the villagers’ domestic animals. Further reports are that the predators roared several times before attacking the cattle and pursued the victims.

Source – H-Metro

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