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Queen Skolopad strikes again #LockdownHouseParty



Skolopad strikes again with a neked video. Skolopad has got tongues wagging once again on social media after she shared a video of herself covered in nothing dancing on the bed.

The entertainer is no stranger to being neked or rocking the red carpet of a major event in her own fashion, so this comes as no surprise.

She took to twitter and posted this video caption “Enjoying #LockdownHouseParty they Dj I danced” and you need to see for yourself how she was dancing.

Watch the Video Here

The scars on her body are a constant reminder of that fateful day which was a tragic accident that almost killed her. Instead of hiding them, she has embraced them.

“Scars are there to tell the story and define my strength,” she said.


Who needs clothing when one can simply sizzle and dazzle in nothing, but their birthday suits.

From doing yoga neked to wearing real boerewors on her dress to the Feather Awards, Skolopad has definitely kept herself interesting to a lot of her fans.

We know she loves to bare it out there but her brand recently seems that all she does show everyone nothing but her bare body. Fans are not complaining about this unapologetic queen, they retweet her posts for others to see.

Skolopad is no stranger to baring it all, the qualified nurse shocked her fans again last night when she took to social media to share a neked video enjoying herself in this Level 4 Lockdown.

In Other News – Shaka Khoza is coming back on The Queen

Mzansi Magic announced that SK Khoza who played Shaka on “The Queen” will be making a comeback. This comes after Shaka, who viewers have introduced to in season one of the hit show four years ago, was killed off the show last year.

Shaka Khoza

Neither the channel or Ferguson Films who produce the show have said how he will return but when news of his departure broke in September last year, fans created a petition to bring him back. continue reading

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