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Times getting hard for thigh vendors during lockdown, pleads for govt assistance: video



Times getting hard for thigh vendors during the lockdown, pleads for govt assistance: video. With the way our economy is dwindling, the situation has left so many people resorting to a different profession that often leads astray. To our fellow brothers, they end up being robbers, thugs and abusing drugs while our sisters resort to the world’s longest profession that is prostituting.

The lockdown has even made things worsen for the informal trade and many people have been affected in a serious way. Many people in the country survive by buying and selling and those who can not afford that end up committing crimes such as stealing, robbing and to our sisters they end up selling their bodies. So with this lockdown, their business is not going as usual.

They are finding it difficult to find clients and this has caused their families to suffer. The trade requires people to be moving so that they get to see clients. One of the many thigh vendors has pleaded with the government to help them financially so that they can support their families. check the video of one Tendai Amanda Jinjiwa, who plies her trade in Mbare Majubheki, listen to her plead

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Zanu PF MP Killer Zivhu relieves troubled sungura singer Greatman

Zanu PF MP Killer Zivhu relieves troubled sungura singer Greatman. The politician, known for bailing out a number of less privileged people, visited Greatman at his home where donated food hampers.


Zivhu also pledged to send the musician RTGS$2 000 every week after learning that the singer was reduced to selling tomatoes for a living. Singer Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze was yesterday a recipient of Chivi South legislator Killer Zivhu’s extended kind Covid-19 pandemic relief. “I am continuing with my…continue reading.



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