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American DJ celebrates Mbuya Nehanda: Video

Mbuya Nehanda

American DJ celebrates Mbuya Nehanda: Video. Zim Instagram hottie Pam Pam posted a heart-warming video and message of an American Radio DJ who celebrated Mbuya Nehanda on one of his radio sessions. Check the message and Video below

This is the late great Mbuya Nehanda (Sekuru Kaguvi pictured next to her) she was a Zimbabwean SPIRIT MEDIUM and carried the spirit of Nehanda (which only possesses women). Her initial reaction to white colonizers was to be peaceful and welcoming and when they began to OPRESS the people of our land and make them pay hut tax to the invaders she organized the resistance and used her ancestral SPIRIT as the guide.

NOTICE SHE IS NOT ARMED..she led using messages from her ancestral spirit. They hung her for beheading the opposition and her bones/remains were stolen like trophies and stored in British museums. The last time I checked they were STILL there despite us asking for the British to give her back to us and let her rest in dignity! I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in England where the bones of the people who revolted against oppression were trophies.

Mbuya NeHanda

I’m posting this to remind anyone who feels disheartened right now that these are the black women that came before you. This is where you get that feeling of being unsettled and uncomfortable and RIGHTFULLY angry. The spirits of our ancestors are rising. Change is coming. These people were not slaughtered in vain. Stay strong.

Video below

Source – MbareTimes

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