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SA Female Celebs open up about their S.e.xual assault stories

Pearl Modiadie confused by Twitter

As people were taking part in #Blackouttuesday to raise awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement, South Africans also hone the light on another huge issue affecting South African women: rape and s.e.xual assault.

A user by the name of asked how old people were when they got raped or assaulted s.e.xually and pretty soon the thread had garnered a lot of responses including those of our fave female celebs.

The River’s Zenokuhle Maseko, Candice Modiselle, Pearl Modiadie, Mihlali Ndamase, and Mvelo Makhanya were a few of the celebs that admitted to being part of those violated in one way or the other.

Actress Zenokuhle Maseko

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya

Influencer Mihlali Ndamase

Actress Candice Modiselle

Media personality Pearl Modiadie

In other news – Twitter goes crazy over Nandi Madida’s tempting “Power” Photo

Nandi Madida has always shown love for Africa through her clothing, themed photoshoots and ethics which is what we guess she was promoting in this photo but resulted in an epic fail according to Twitter.

Madida posted a picture on social media of herself showing her African activism proactivity by making the ‘Amandla’ fist in the air with her back toward the camera. She even captioned the image and posted follow up tweets, emphasizing what the picture should represent. continue reading

Source: News365