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Actress Candice Modiselle escaped being kidnapped & raped by Cop

Candice Modiselle

A couple of days ago a few of our favourite local female celebrities came out to share their s.e.xual assault experiences and a lot of their fans and followers felt the heartbreak. Among these was Candice who opened up about escaping a police officer who wanted to kidnap her with the intention of raping her.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote; ‘I escaped being kidnapped by a South African cop who had clear intentions of raping me, but that’s a story for another day… One bit of trauma at a time.’

Former Generations: The Legacy actress Candice Modiselle is not here for any further debate or discussions around her explosive thread on s.e.xual assault.

Candice had the internet in preach mode when she took to Twitter to speak on s.e.xual assault.

In it, she claimed that “s.e.xual coercion is a form of s.e.xual assault” and warned her followers to watch out for the signs.

“S.e.xual coercion is unwanted s.e.xual activity that happens when you are pressured, tricked, threatened or forced in a non-physical way. Coercion can make you think you owe s.e.x to someone,” she explained

Candice spelt out the warning signs for all to see:

  • wearing you down by asking for sex repeatedly or making you feel bad, guilty or obligated;
  • making you feel like it’s too late to say no;
  • telling you that not having s.e.x will hurt your relationship;
  • lying or threatening to spread rumours about you; or
  • making promises to reward you for s.e.x.

It also includes threatening your children, family members, job, home or school career – for example by threatening to reveal your s.e.xual orientation publicly or to family or friends.

“We don’t have this conversation enough. No one ever tells us that coercion is in fact s.e.xual assault. I pray we become the generation of parents, mentors and guardians that teach the ones that follow us everything there is to know about consent,” she said.

While her thread sparked massive debate, Candice said that she was not here for a discussion.

“What I won’t do is indulge anyone that seeks to challenge my thread on s.e.xual coercion. My part was to educate and yours to learn. Feel free to read the source I posted at the end for better understanding, but don’t waste your time-fighting facts.”

She added that anyone who was upset by the thread should “check” themselves.

Read her full thread below:

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