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Mimie Moana the Iron Lady: Pics


Mimie Moana the Iron Lady: Pics. The model says although this video was not her first, this was a big break in her career and is optimistic for the future. Fitness model and brand influencer Michelle “Moana” Amuli who featured on Jah Prayzah’s Munyaradzi video is ready to take Zimbabwe’s showbiz by a storm.

H-Metro’s Zvikomborero Parafini caught up with Moana in a wide-ranging in an interview on working with Jah Prayzah, family life as well as her goals and aspirations. Q: How did you get the role in the video, did you go through auditions?

A: I did not go through auditions but Jah Prayazah’s crew looked for me, I’m sure it was through my IG video clips whereby I post and showcase my talent.

Q: Did you participate in formulating the script or you just got there and were told what you were supposed to do?

A: The script was already there, they explained it to me and the character I was supposed to portray. It’s the small things that we would help each other with. Q: Was Munyaradzi your first commercial video, how were you treated on set and how did you navigate through the attention?

A: Munyaradzi was my fourth video. I’ve worked with a few other artists before.

The crew was welcoming, respectful, professional and very humble. They really made me feel comfortable.

I have featured in Takura’s Zvemoyo, Enzo-Mwenje, Freeman – Miridzo and other projects yet to be released

Q: How was it like working with Jah Prayzah and his team in general?

A: It was really amazing because I was surrounded by a group of people who are passionate about what they do, very talented ndaisatozivawo kuti Jah Prayzah is a good actor and the man behind the camera Blaqs, he made it easy for me to really get into character, anonyatsoziva basa rake. Q: The video Munyaradzi is like a movie, which role did you enjoy the most, the part where you and the ‘love of your life’ were broke or the part when you were now rich?


A: The broke part, it made me appreciate my life and how most people including myself should be grateful to God nezvatiinazvo.

Q: Working with an international artist like Jah Prayzah can be life changing, what has changed in your life since the release of this video?

A: I’ve been receiving lots of love and receiving gift left, right and centre from fans. I have signed a few contacts with some of Zimbabwe’s big companies the likes of Nash paints. Q: Given the emotions raised in the video, some people who take it as real life may end up viewing you in a negative light, how have you been handling those critics? A: don’t think I’ve bumped into such as of yet, it’s all been love and a few jokes to be honest. My DMs were flooded with positive comments

Jah Prayzah

Q: Can you relate to anything in the video, have you ever gone through anything similar because the emotions you showed were real, or you’re just a good actress?

A: I sure related because some of us takakurira kuGhetto and nhamo yakambonyatso tirova chaizvo,nothing was handed to me on a silver platter but still hazvo the talent is there hahaha. Q: Why did you say yes to star in this particular video and do you see yourself taking up a similar role like this one

A: Is this a trick question (laughs) who would say no to working with the Zimbabwean Giant? And for sure I’ll portray a similar role without hesitation.

Q: Who’s Moana?

A: Moana is actually a nickname. My name is Michelle Amuli, my life revolves around fitness. I’m a fitness & Fashion model, fitness coach, Yogi and brand influencer based in Zim/Harare. I’m a 25 year old mother of one. I am currently single.

Q: What’s a normal day like in Moana’s life?

Moana Mimie

A: My days are not predictable the only thing that never changes is my Gym schedule

Q: From your Instagram handle, it shows that you are a fitness fanatic, are you a sports woman and did the passion start when you were young or it grew on you?

A: It all started at a very young age, I discovered my flexibility talent when I was 10-11 years old and I was my school’s basketball captain both primary and secondary level.

Q: As a young woman who has taken up a role outside her comfort zone, what advice can you give to your peers?


A: The role that you play does not define you but the artist in you.

You’ll never know how great you can be unless you get out of your comfort zone and an actress should be able to take up characters.

Source – H-Metro

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