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Mbeu doing well despite lockdown


Mbeu doing well despite lockdown. So strong are Mbeu’s links that he has been a regular performer at high profile online gigs owing to the sound relations his management enjoys with the showbiz drivers. Buoyed by his superb songwriting skills, hard work and raw talent, Mbeu hailed fans, music promoters and individual who continue to show him love on extended lockdown.

Afro-fusion exponent Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora reckons he has remained relevant on Covid-19 lockdown owing to the strong relations he built over the years. He opened up shortly after the release of his beautiful video titled Kafira Mberi off his third album Mhodzi Diaries.

The video was released Monday on Youtube Channel and the response has been amazing.

A fan, brother and beneficiary called Tinashe Mafusire footed video expenses to the tune of over US$500. And all the shooting which took place in Harare was done on lockdown where most artistes are grounded.

In an interview, Mbeu who is no doubt one of Pakare Paye’s finest products said he was humbled by the endorsement showbiz players are giving him.

Although many thought he was riding on the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s shadow, Mbeu said fans have shown him love on Covid-19 lockdown.

“I managed to shoot the video of the song Kafira Mberi which was launched on my channel on Monday the 15th of June. “I have been working on this video on lockdown after realising that I can’t be lying idle at home.

“My fans have been encouraging me to keep myself busy to ensure that I won’t get traumatised by the effects of lying idle. “A friend and brother came on board and footed the expenses for my video shooting.

“As you know, we don’t expect instant returns since we are building on that for the future. “I believe I still need to give people quality and more videos out there and I will be rewarded with time,” he said.

Mbeu said he would not stop shooting and releasing more videos as fans were starved of quality visuals at home. “I am still young and energetic to really work hard so I can’t afford to starve my fans of new videos if they demand then as is the case right now,” he said.

Mbeu who believes in hard work after being weaned off by Tuku said he has been surviving on the earning they had from online gigs.

“I’m grateful to individuals like Prophet Passion, Nash TV and ZTN who have been giving us platforms to perform online. “This was a new phenomenon that we could afford to turn down or resist because that’s the in-thing.

“I only see the grace of the Lord after being invited to come and perform and that alone shows the power of cultivating links. “As artistes, we need to invest in networking which is important.

“I am also humbled by enquiries being made by people and corporates that want our services and each time we are invited we simply do our best,” he said.

For his personal development, Mbeu says he has been perfecting his skills as an instrumentalist on lockdown. “As you know, I can play the acoustic guitar but I have perfected my art as a mbira player.

“I can also now play the bass guitar as well as the lead but I love the acoustic guitar. “I learnt all this on lockdown and I am still learning more,” he said.

Despite following in Tuku’s footsteps, Mbeu said he has managed to be his own. “Many people have been likening me to Tuku but if you listening to my music you will realise that I’m my own man.

“Tuku has always wanted us to be independent and unique event though we passed through the same training school at Pakare Paye.

“When I reflect on my career now, I feel proud of myself and what my mentor taught me when he was still alive because I now have my unique sound that he has always wanted to be,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mbeu is in the studio working on his fourth album after the success of three albums – Hatizvimire, Hatikendenge and Mhodzi Diaries. He has more than 300 singles to his credit in his solo career spanning over five years or so.

Source – H-Metro

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