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Passion Java apologies to Mai Titi after she did a live video attacking the Prophet: Vids

Mai Titi

Passion Java apologies to Mai Titi after she did a live video attacking the Prophet: Vids. It seems yesterday was a black day for many Zimbabwean celebrities as cases of dramas and scandals were rocking from left, right and centre. We had Stunner’s drama yesterday which is one of the trending stories o the internet at the moment.

On the other end, there was Mai Titi, Passion Java drama that is trending as well. It is reported that when Passion Java did his Twabam take my money show with MudiwaHood, he talked about Mai Titi in a way that she did not like and as you all know, main Titi reacts in a way that you will know. So she did a live video attacking Passion Java saying all sort of things. She did several videos and we have this one to share with you. We think this one stood out of the others she did. Check it below

Many people inboxed Prophet Passion Java to reply Mai Titi in his hilarious ways but this time around The prophet did it in a more special way as he took his time and acknowledged that what he did was wrong and he apologised to Felistas Edwards aka Mai Titi. From his, Video Passion Java says he contacted MudiwaHood for advice and they reached out an agreement that he (Passion Jav) should apologies to the comedian and he did so.

He says he even called Mai Titi and added MudiwaHood to the call and he apologised to her. He went on to say that he saw it fit to apologies publicly to Mai Titi since the whole story started publicly. Check Passion Java’s video apologising below

Source – MbaretImes

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Prophet Passion Java reveals that Winky D turned him down a US$35K project: Video. In his Twabam take Money show that he did with MudiwaHood on Friday, Prophet Passion Java revealed that Winky D aka the Bigman turned him down a US$35K project which he wanted to do with him over a period of 1 year.

Passion and Gafa

Passion Java revealed this when he was dishing out advice to his fans on how to make money and how to make your business grow. He was trying to show that Vison is needed in whatever you will be doing…continue reading.